Wednesday, 30 September 2015

the library of fragrance review♡

I never really review fragrances on my blog because I generally stick to the same scents but seeing as I now have some new fragrances in my collection, I thought I would review them for you!

These two delicious scents are from The Library of Fragrance which is a very different and interesting brand! It is basically a Library of Fragrance. What I love about these scents is they have a scent to suit everybody. They have created over 300 different weird and wonderful scents, 101 are available via there website and a selection of favourites are available in Boots stores across the UK. They are also currently on a deal in Boots where you can buy 2 for £25, otherwise they retail for £15 each. The Library of Fragrance scents are created as singular individual fragrances which are designed to be suitable to layer and create new scents.

So the scents I own are - 

Vanilla Ice Cream♡
Vanilla Ice Cream is a warming vanilliary sweet scent. It is quite strong and from others opinions, many people think it is quite overpowering when you first put it on. To me, it smells delicious because I am a big vanilla fan. I also find that it has a slight gingerbread undertone to it as well. 

Cherry Blossom♡
I have had the most compliments on Cherry Blossom. It's a lovely fresh scent. It is also a little sweet and floral too. It smells like freshly washed hair or a fresh Spring morning. It's really uplifting too. 

The packaging is very sleek and simple. I love how they have a band of colour so the scent stands out. They are also contained in bottles suitable for travelling and taking in your handbag. I love taking these in my bag for school etc. 

Staying Power♡
I did the famous staying power test. The scent 'Cherry Blossom' lasted for 5 hours on it's own. The scent 'Vanilla Ice Cream' lasted for about 4 hours. Personally, I think that it's a good amount of time and usually, people top up scents throughout the day anyway. And as these are the perfect handbag size there is no worries about taking these in your bag. 

Have you tried any of the scents from The Library of Fragrance? 

Emily xx

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