Wednesday 28 September 2016

halloween lush haul 2016♡

I'm back finally after a long old break from blogging. I had a lovely Summer and started college too so it has been a busy few months but hopefully I will start blogging more regularly again. Today I thought I would haul my most recent trip to Lush. Lush is one of my favourite brands and I couldn't resist going in to the shop as soon as I possibly could to get some of the Halloween products. This year the range of Halloween products has been really impressive! I didn't buy the whole range as some products didn't interest me but I thought that I would still show you the few bits and bobs I did buy :) 

Firstly, of course I had to pick up the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar which has been featured in the past few Halloween ranges. I personally love the look of this product -  especially the gold glitter or 'lustre' as Lush call it. The scent itself is fresh and citrusy and contains juniper berry, grapefruit oil and lime oil. It's not your typical Halloween fragrance but it's definitely one that would be universally enjoyed because of it's subtle scent. I used a piece of this this morning and the scent lingers on your skin for a few hours. Even using a small piece can create a lot of bubbles and a strong orange colour in your bath water.

I also picked up one of the new bath bombs released this year. This one is the Pumpkin bath bomb. The design is really effective and I love the carved face effect and the seasonal orange shade. According to the website this product is supposedly smelling like vanilla absolute, spicy cinnamon and a rich baking smell. I was really looking forward to this product because I love spicy warm scents as I think they scream Autumn. However, I was majorly disappointed with the scent as instead of the spice it smells like citrus sherbets and lemon. Maybe I got a bad batch or the smell may come through once it's in use, but otherwise it is a lovely product. 

Lastly, I picked up the Boo bath melt. I love bath melts to use in the colder months when your skin is drier and in more need of some TLC. It contains cocoa butter which melts and acts as a body moisturiser. It smells like earthy ginger and contains mimosa absolute and geranium oil. I love the warming spicy scent this gives and I can't wait to use this! Also, it looks like a little meringue which is such a cute design.

Let me know what Halloween products you have tried from Lush! 

Emily xx

Sunday 26 June 2016

striped deckchairs♡

Yesterday, my family and I spent a lovely afternoon by the seaside. I called this post 'striped deckchairs' as the beach was covered with deckchairs and they looked so pretty and photogenic. I love the seaside - I feel like it's an escape where you can watch the waves along the shore and just 'be.' It was such a beautiful sunny afternoon and it was the perfect weather to wear Summer dresses. I absolutely adore this beach and I took so many photographs. Here is a select few of my favourites to share with you :)